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Rockfibre SA (Pty) Ltd

Rockfibre SA Pty Ltd started producing Rockwool products in 2008 at their plant in Powerville Vereeniging. Rockwool is produced from a Diabase rock mix to create fibrous insulation products.

A range of products are produced to suit the industrial insulation needs and conform to require specifications in South Africa and aboard. The products were designed for a wide temperature range for thermal applications as well as acoustic insulation.

Rockfibre products are manufactured generally in accordance with BS3958.

Benefits of Rockfibre Insulation Material

Benefits of Rockfibre Insulation Material:

* Reduce heat loss, saving energy reducing running costs.
* Controlled temperatures
* Reduce surface temperatures for personnel protections
* Reduce random temperature influences from external sources
* Prevent choking and blocking of small bore pipes
* Reduce suppress and absorb noise.

Rockfibre products are made from non-combustible mineral fibers containing inherently low levels of water leachable chlorides.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
Rockwool is not classifiable as to carcinogenicity to humans.
Rockwool is a non-hazardous material to work with.